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January 10, 2010


Raised by Wolves Trapped by Demons

A Warrior's Memoir

This is a memoir about a woman that came into the world feeling unloved and unwanted at a very early age. Raised by an alcoholic father and a cold detached mother, she must make her way in the world based solely on her instincts. A victim of childhood abuse, sexual and physical assault, she learns to accept the unacceptable in order to survive.  A major pattern of self-destructive choices begins to emerge. A major portion of her life was spent uncovering, forgiving, resolving that pattern. She still had decades to live before she would recognize what that pattern meant. The intention of writing the bare unadorned truth of her life is to be an example to other women. To reveal to other marginalized women to never give up. Anyone can weather post-traumatic stress and psychological issues if they have the will to live. The will to keep living life no matter what it would generate.



108 Lake Constance Drive


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“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

Anne Frank

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